Ignite Sport

2021 has been another awesome year for our leadership programmes. These programmes involve themes of ‘Learning about Yourself’ and ‘Leading others’. If you are able to be the best version of yourself, this will help you to be an awesome role model and leader. We use activities, sport, challenges and workshops to do this.

The year 10 Ontrack programme is a great chance to start a journey together. The initial 3 day programme is a way to build relationships, create an encouraging and safe environment, learn new things and have fun. Just recently we had an amazing Ontrack at Naenae College. These young people love Ignite and really buy into the programme. They give everything a go and go hard out. Looking forward to seeing how these young people develop into influential leaders over the next few years.


NNC 1It was cool to hear their feedback:

“To be a better version of yourself.  Learning to accept me for who I am because you can’t really help others if you’re not 100% satisfied with yourself.  Whatever life chucks at you, you need to stay disciplined and keep going.  You either get stuck or you move on and keep going, exploring new challenges and its a blessing because life goes on”


“Ignite has helped me to be more confident in both my individual life and around others.  It has helped me develop new skills”

“I feel inspired to be an even better person to reach my goals, to work with others and be more supportive”

We were stoked to see that a number of young people who have been on our leadership programmes have been selected to be head students or are in leadership roles in their school. We are super proud of these young people and they deserve it 100%. We know they will give it their all and we are excited to see the influence they will have in their school community.

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