Ignite Sport

Oho Ake is a framework for youth development with young people who are disengaging with their school/education and/or are considered ‘at risk’. Oho Ake programmes are targeted and strategic to best serve the young person, their school and community.

Oho Ake embraces the idea that sport can encourage young people to aspire to greater things. Involvement in sport and reinforcing a young person’s gifting/passion encourages greater learning, creates positive pathways and fosters community engagement.

Oho Ake can also often be more specialist programmes/workshops created to assist young people with specific areas of need. For example work we have done with Titiro Whakamua - the Hutt Valley Teen Parent School and Hutt Valley Activity Centre.

Oho Ake can be delivered at Intermediate or Secondary School level or in the community to a specific group. 

Ignite Sport has experience at both Intermediate and High School level and has worked with traditional High Schools and Alternative Education providers alike.

What people had to say about Oho Ake

Ignite Sports offered us most timely support when we were thinking about alternative ways to engage a group of students with their learning and with school in general. The special programme they developed for our students taught them some core values while building their sporting skills. The students learned about respect, self-worth, goal setting to achieve their dreams, and taking responsibility for themselves and their actions – all geared to help them form more positive relationships with peers and adults and achieving success.

They looked forward to their weekly two hour sessions with the Ignite Sports instructors and were buzzing on return from some of their trips away from school. Teachers reported a very positive change in some of their students, who appeared more confident, focused and motivated to learn. The students themselves told me they loved the opportunity to be involved with Ignite Sports and ‘learned heaps!’

Pearl Murti,Principal Wainuiomata Intermediate

Our students, being either pregnant or young mums, come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of fitness levels, interests and personalities but the team has been able to relate well with them and get them involved. I was impressed right from when they first arrived with how they each went round and introduced themselves to each of the students and then got everyone up, involved and laughing in a very short time. I have often commented to the team about how amazed I am at how well our students participate in the activities and it is so good to hear them laughing together and having fun!

Our students have a tendency to not turn up if they are nervous or unsure of activities we have for them, but attendance has steadily increased on Fridays and word has spread - so now the girls look forward to Ignite coming- some words they used to describe the team were energetic, easy to talk to, good energy, happy, comfortable to be around, amazing!

Neroli Field, Assistant Head Teacher Titiro Whakamua

What were some of the things that you did/learned in the programme?

Has your behaviour changed after attending this programme?  How or in what way?

  •   Not to be mean
  •   Listen to people
  •   Respect people
  •   Teamwork
  •   Friendship
  •   Different kinds of foods
  •   Learning new games
  •   Fitness
  •   Fun stuff
  •   Looking out for one another
  •   Leadership
  •   Listening to teacher in class
  • More respectful
  • Learning to be a leader
  • Leadership
  • Gain confidence
  • Last year naughty and now more calm
  • Gaining more respect for people and how they feel
  • Made me want to work as a team more
  • Able to get more work done

Student feedback

If you are a Principal, HOD, Teacher, or Sports Coordinator who is interested in having Oho Ake run in your school please click here for more information.