Ignite Sport

Term One once again was filled with trips up Mount Tongariro but this year we had to overcome some obstacles.

The weather… one trip was quite blustery, one trip was delayed and held later in the term, and another delayed and then cancelled as the weather twice was not on our side. Despite that three of the four trips had great weather and it is amazing how tough weather can bring people closer together as they overcome a challenge!

Emergencies… this is the first year our beacon came in good use with twice emergency services being called although only one needed a helicopter trip off the mountain. No matter how much health and safety you build into a programme a sharp rock and skin are never a good combination.

Despite some obstacles a great time was had by all as they reached new heights in experience and elevation, evidenced by the responses received - some of which you can read below.

Finally though a BIG thanks has to go to the Taylor Memorial Trust who makes taking these students up Mt Tongariro financially possible year after year, and the rescue service who helped us out this year.

I enjoyed our Tongariro trip. It was challenging for me because at the very start I saw the hill, I had negative thoughts but once going up I felt good because my fellow mates encourages me to keep going. It pushed me to my limits but it was worth it especially because the view was so beautiful, that hike made me realise a lot about myself. What I enjoyed about this trip were the times spent with each other. I got to learn and connect with a lot of people. I remember everything about this trip. It made me feel amazing in the end. 

I was really challenged through the Tongariro walk because I was feeling very confident and sure that it would be hard, and as we were doing it I realised that I should prepare myself for future obstacles. It was a huge wakeup call that I need to manage myself more and also continue to have a positive mindset but I am happy that I’ve learnt more about me now rather than later. Favourite thing was challenging myself at the devils stair case. I will remember the people that went through this with me. 

I think the best part of the trip was really just learning more about everyone on the trip and improving more of my friendships. I also loved that there was no reception at the lodge because some people might have just stayed in their cabin on their phone the whole trip. Thank you everyone. 

As a teacher it was a great experience to work with my students in a different environment and participate with them in a challenging activity that challenges us all from a mental and physical perspective. The values that this trip has taught students and myself could not have been achieved in a classroom. As a Year 11 Dean I will certainly be spring-boarding off this going into the future.


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