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Empower Programme

Empower is a programme targeted specifically for students connected with school supported learning centres. The programme utilises the International Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (external link) as its core component in inspiring students to challenge themselves, develop confidence and set goals they might not have thought possible before.

Our staff journey alongside the students, facilitating opportunities for them to take part in activities for their Award, tailored to their abilities. The Award is wrapped around 4 main sections; Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and the Adventurous Journey, giving students the chance to participate and develop their abilities in a wide range of activities, whilst having new experiences and meeting new people.

Since Empower began in 2020, Ignite Sport has supported young people to achieve:

  • 15 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Awards
  • 8 Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Awards.

Our current Empower programmes have 21 students working towards achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold awards.


What people say about Empower:

My son really thrived on the structure of the empower course run by Ignite Sport Trust.  He enjoyed every bit of it. The people, the tasks, the achievements, the physical activity, all of it. He looked forward to attending every week and spoke often about the experiences and skills he was learning. His attitude improved across the board and he found an incredible amount of motivation within himself that I think he did not realise was there. He matured quite a lot this year and I feel that the award had a valuable part in that. I’m very proud of his achievements. The encouragement and support of the Ignite team made all the difference and you all never made it seem like it was hard work and were excellent providers of information and expectations. The little by little, one step at a time approach was very successful for my young person and I believe that the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a very worthy cause for students who lack self-esteem and belief in their own capabilities. All the kids I met there seemed to have a similar reaction to the program as my son and I think they are all better people as a result. The way the program is run and how it aims to give its young people a foundation of thinking that giving something that you don’t think you can achieve a good bloody try is very worthwhile and I would love to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved from the funders to the Ignite team and also the kids that made this experience something positive that my son will carry with him for the rest of his life. Parent of Empower participant.


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If you are a Principal, HOD, Teacher, or Sports Coordinator who is interested in having Empower run in your school please click here for more information.