Ignite Sport

This year we mark the 5th year of running our Fusion programme in Wellington and the programme was stronger than ever. We had a total of 35 young people signed up to be part of this 3 day programme which ran over the school holidays. The programme entailed a great variety of sports and activities including speedball, rock climbing, baking, badminton, soccer, yoga, floorball and bowling. Although it was a jam packed full three days of activities the highlights were definitely the two workshops.

The First workshop run by Eric was about gifts and talents. Encouraging the young people that each of them are created uniquely with different gifts and talents, and that they can be used and expressed regardless of the country you are in.

Our second workshop was about creating a cultural experience and understanding each other more by understanding our different cultures. The young people split into four groups based on the ethnic group they are part of and were given the opportunity to express their culture to everyone - both staff and other students alike. Some taught us how to greet in their language, some showed us their dancing, and others even bought some food in for everyone to taste. A personal highlight was when one of the groups got everyone up, and created a space for all of us to join in the dancing. It was so much fun and you could tell that the young people felt proud of their culture/identity and more confident to embrace that part of who they are regardless of being in a new country and a new culture. A great time was had by all.

In the words of one of the attendees...

I've learnt that I should be proud of my culture. The programme taught me to have better confidence in myself. I feel empowered and strong in myself. I've been able to meet new people and be friends. I've also learnt that being positive on the competitive field brings out people's best effort. 


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