Ignite Sport

Our Vision

To inspire young people and impact communities through Sport by creating opportunities for all people to reach their full God given potential.

To coach, educate, empower and provide positive role models to young people through programmes, recreational activities and events; and in doing so to positively influence New Zealand sports culture.

To support the wellbeing of these young people by partnering with their school, their families, the wider community and other organisations.

Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can. It speaks to people in a language they understand 

Nelson Mandela

What we do

Ignite Sport is a youth development organisation offering a unique delivery style. Using sport and recreation to engage, Ignite Sport encourages young people to consider character, values, balance and heart.

Ignite Sport mentors 900+ young people annually on youth development or sports academy programmes, using recreational activities to reinforce important life skills.

We have a proud history and have many years’ experience in youth development work, academy-based camps and programmes for young athletes.

We work with Years 7-13 in over 10 schools in the Wellington/Kapiti region and with refugee youth on programmes that engage and empower young people to be more socially and personally responsible in all aspects of their lives, set goals and to reach their full potential.

For some programmes and other areas of our work we partner with organisations such as the New Zealand Red Cross, Hutt City Council, and Wellington City Council.

We also run several annual events including sports tournaments and inspirational workshops, partner with people who help out at a local sporting level, as well as being involved with activities at several community events throughout the year.


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The Ignite Sports Academy was established in 2001 as a project of YFC Wellington, to provide opportunities for sports-mad young people to reach their potential.  Over 300 senior High School young people attended these academy camps held in Wellington and Christchurch.  Participants learnt important sporting skills and interacted and journeyed with many successful athletes and coaches.

In 2007 Ignite Sport was set up as its own Charitable Trust to facilitate a range of sports-based initiatives and projects with the aim of further supporting and serving athletes, schools, sports clubs and communities across the region. In 2007 there were 2 permanent staff and a handful of volunteers running workshops.