Sports Plus

Sports Plus is an opportunity for you to Intern with Ignite Sport.

Sports Plus is designed to create opportunity for New Zealand young people to intern with us and be involved in a wide range of sports-specific projects aimed at serving both schools and the wider community. 


Entry into the Sports Plus programme may come through a variety of options:


  • Gateway 
  • Praxis and other youth-work training establishments
  • Bible college
  • Prior connection with Ignite
  • Short or long-term mission placements
  • Gap year experience

Sports Plus is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Job readiness
  • Personal development
  • Education and training
  • Community Service
  • Personal Health and Fitness
  • Teamwork and culture
  • Engagement in local youth work
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership skills
Please contact us at the office if you are interested in finding out more. 

Click here and here to view the profiles of our current Ignite Sport interns, Nikki and Nate.