The Mission

Would you like to be part of a network of sports-mad people who make a difference in the lives of others by using their passion for sport?

Whether you're a coach, manager, athlete, volunteer or fan, sport provides unique opportunities to use your passions and gifts to positively impact the lives of others.


A unique opportunity for you.

Ignite Sport is a volunteer organisation which has developed a range of projects and networks designed to encourage and support every day sports-mad people to use their love for sport to make a difference in their local communities.


Many young people have talent but often lack opportunity to reach their potential.  Schools and clubs often find it difficult to find passionate volunteers to invest into the lives of young athletes. Yet at the same time our communities are filled with sporting resource in the form of parents, ex-athletes and potential coaches with much to offer. Ignite Sport can help by connecting this resource with the need.


Many coaches and team support staff all too often neglect issues of ‘balance’ or ‘imbalance’ in a young athlete's life. We also need to train young people to consider issues of character and ‘heart’. This is where Ignite Sport can play a unique part in assisting young athletes to think about all areas in their lives that potentially work against them achieving that optimum performance both on and off the sports field and in life generally. We call this ‘coaching the core’ or developing 'inner fitness'


The vision of Ignite Sport is simple… to positively impact New Zealand sports culture and provide opportunity for the people of sport to reach their God-given potential.


If you'd like to be part of this vision then we'd love to support you in your journey.

Every sports season we have numerous opportunities (Sports Serve) for you to mentor and coach young people.

Please contact Kevin Goldsbury, Ignite Sport Coordinator on 04 920 2204 or