Thumbs up for day with Thumbs Up

    Posted December 11th 2015

    A highlight of the Ignite Sport team’s year is always the day we spend with the young people with Thumbs Up.  This trust supports the needs, aspirations and on-going development of young people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

    During the year we play football with some of the young people but our engagement culminates in November with a day at Brookfield Scout Camp, Moores Valley.  We have a heart for serving these young people and provide all this connection as one of our many ‘community services’.

    The assault course at Brookfield was a big hit last year and this year we changed the route to make it more challenging. We also added interest by dividing the clients into teams, wearing team colour facepaint and instructing the teams to collect coloured ribbons along the way.

    It all worked and added a great team dimension to the assault course. The most fun was had during the mud crawl. It took a while for teams to get through but they all loved it!

    Other games during the day included giant slingshots with tennis balls and swiss ball handball.

    The day culminated with the flying fox, which with advice from our outdoor instructor, we designed a harness to accommodate clients who use a wheel-chair. This was a huge highlight for one client, who was squealing with excitement while the harness was being put on and which continued during the ‘flight’.

    Coordinators Peter Stone and Dani Bolton of Ignite Sport say the day was a huge success and every client went home with a smile on their face. “That was our goal.  We love spending the day with Thumbs Up. Even though the weather wasn’t great, we all still had a blast.”

    Below are a selection of photos of the day.


     team bluenategroupflying foxdan2danclimbing wall