Ignite Sport


Relationships Coordinator

Paul has worked 21 years at World Vision then 6 years at Scripture Union working alongside and relating to people and churches.

When Paul was 17 he became a volunteer with Youth for Christ. He has supported the ministries that have sprung out of YFC ever since. His current role at Ignite is to keep contact with churches. He is also caring for the Ministry of Sports Chaplaincy in the Wellington region.

 Paul admits he was an appalling cricketer, so played rugby, and watches both whenever possible! He has, all of his life, been passionate about caring for the poor.


Help Paul make a difference...

At Ignite Sport we rely on the generosity of others to help financially support our staff to do the work they do.

If you would like to specifically support Paul please set up an automatic payment online with your bank to Ignite Sport account number 12-3142-0276022-01. Please be sure to use "Paul" as particulars and your name as the reference.

Please remember to then email us your name, address, the amount of support, and frequency so we can ensure you receive a tax receipt in April, and to say thanks! 

One-off donations also most welcome to the same account number if you prefer.