Ignite Sport


Youth Development Team Coordinator

Daniel Olive joined the Ignite team in 2014. He has a background in personal training and in coaching (netball, taekwondo, sevens, rugby), as well as several years’ experience as a volunteer both in youth work and community-based programmes.


Daniel can relate well to all ages, to work within and to lead a team. Employment experience in management, administration and sales adds to his ability to perform as a motivated, confident, energetic and organised youth mentor.


Daniel married his wife Vienna in 2011, and in 2012 their son Manaia was born. He is a keen follower of American Football, with his favourite team being the Pitsburgh Steelers.


Help Daniel make a difference...

At Ignite Sport we rely on the generosity of others to help financially support our staff to do the work they do.

If you would like to specifically support Daniel please set up an automatic payment online with your bank to Ignite Sport account number 12-3142-0276022-01 or download an AP form here [DOCX, 170 KB] and take it into your bank. Please be sure to use "Daniel" as particulars and your name as the reference.

Please remember to then email us your name, address, the amount of support, and frequency so we can ensure you receive a tax receipt in April, and to say thanks! 

One-off donations also most welcome to the same account number if you prefer.